Project Description

A typical bridge rebuild takes two plus years, but due to location and impact to businesses, traffic, and Boise State University, ITD set out to rebuild this thoroughfare in just nine months. 24,500 cars travel across the Broadway Bridge every day. The bridge, being the primary focus, would sometimes deem landscape as secondary and the powers that be would just tell us to get it done. The construction of the bridge damaged about double the landscape and irrigation compared to the plans and entailed much more landscape and irrigation than was originally estimated.

The rebuilding of the adjacent landscapes included: over 40,000 square feet in Julia Davis Park, a complete renovation of the historic church on the campus of Boise State University, reconstructing the irrigation and turf along the parking lot from Cesar Chavez to University Avenue, all of the businesses landscaping on the East side of Broadway from University to Park Center, and the Greenbelt Bike Trail along the South side of the Ram restaurant. Completing the project, beautification to all four sides of the underpasses from the Greenbelt to where it meets the bridge.